1994, The year in which everything began. The story of Botó de Cotó

1994, The year in which everything began. The story of Botó de Cotó

1994, The year in which everything began. The story of Botó de Cotó 1080 663 Boto de Coto



The year in which everything began.


Our first collection receives this name in homage to Pepa and Chelo, who in 1994 together made a collection of backpacks in a cute workshop that our grandmother had set up in what it was the old barn of the house. A small space with a luminous window which was accessed by an infinite staircase.

To do this, they recycled bags of fruit, which they washed and even dyed and combined them with fabrics from samples of upholstery. A whole exercise of reuse and creativity. Unlike the current models, those backpacks were much larger and had handmade ceramic buttons to close the outer pockets. It was craftsmanship in its purest form.


Original backpack from 1994


For several years these backpacks lived together with us, our mother and some of her friends used to use them. Little by little they were forgotten in drawers and trunks. The patterns were lost and also the time came when we liked more a palm basket than anything else. They just stayed in the memory.


Adela and Pepa with a sackcloth backpack in Barcelona in the year 96


In 2016 BOTÓ DE COTÓ was born, the first sketches of the current brand were focused on reinterpreting traditional fabrics, patterns, and fabrics. We loved the idea of ​​rediscovering ourselves, with our roots. And in that search for inspiration and reflection, and thanks to the endless conversations about the things we did as children, our mother remembered those days of spring of the year 94. Searching in drawers we found a backpack kept by pieces which were never sewn and thanks to that we were able to reproduce the current patterns.

The model available today is a reinterpretation of the pattern of the first model. The current 1994 backpack is smaller because we wanted to adapt it to today’s standards. For obvious reasons we ignore the ceramic buttons but incorporate a metal button. That button is the memory of those days. It is our essence and our roots.


New models of 1994 backpack from Lost & Found collection.