Carlos Ojeda. The movement’s image

Carlos Ojeda. The movement’s image

Carlos Ojeda. The movement’s image 720 1080 Boto de Coto

Carlos Ojeda. The movement’s image.

“Perfectly, the representation of a moment can be art.


Carlos Ojeda para Botó de Cotó

The work of Carlos Ojeda, dancer and photographer, is the subtle game between movement, light and a lens. We’ve talk to him about his latest editorial.

Ó: Carlos, why photography?

Carlos: With photography I feel good. I am passionate about generating images, keeping moments forever, compositions of colors, shapes and textures that I find visually attractive. I think the power of the photographs is immense.

Ó: Is art photography, or the representation of a moment?

C: I prefer to see it as an art, but I do not rule out the second option. Precisely the representation of a moment can be perfectly art.

Carlos Ojeda x Botó de Cotó

Ó: Tell us about your creative process: What inspires you?

C: With my images I constantly seek to experiment with the interaction that is generated between bodies and space. Apart from photography, I also dedicate myself to dance, and this is reflected many times in the type of work I do. The movements give life to the places, and the combination of light, colors and organic and inorganic forms come to generate compositions that stimulate me to photograph.

Ó: Dance or photography?

C: I both enjoy them very much and serve each other as a method of disconnection when I have been spending a lot of time on one particular one. Anyway, I think the combination of both in my life is something that will accompany me for much longer. Probably the projects that inspire and motivate me the most are those that fuse dance and photography. Precisely the work I have done for Botó de Cotó is an example of this mix.

Carlos Ojeda x Botó de Cotó

Carlos Ojeda x Botó de Cotó

Ó: How do you manage to capture the movement to a static image?

C: There are photographs that when you see them you are able to intuit what happened a second before and what will happen a second after the moment it was taken. Everything depends on the position of the bodies, the supports, the tensions and the gravity itself.

Ó: A moment of the day, a color and a texture to create the perfect photo.

C: I find it very difficult. There are many combinations that occur to me and all of them very different from each other. One could be when the light enters laterally in a space (sunrise or sunset), and some blue highlighting on a space of high walls of concrete.

Carlos Ojeda x Botó de Cotó

Carlos Ojeda x Botó de Cotó

Carlos Ojeda x Botó de Cotó


Photo: Carlos Ojeda

Models: Kiko López & Anna Asensio

Backpacks: Mustard flap backpack  &  Green flap backpack