Coco Dávez. “Faceless” pop icons

Coco Dávez. “Faceless” pop icons

Coco Dávez. “Faceless” pop icons 720 1080 Boto de Coto

Coco Dávez. “Faceless” pop icons


“I have a lot of fun simplifying a character to the fullest without losing his essence”


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Valeria Palmeiro, better known as Coco Dávez, is an artist who develops her career in different fields: Photography, art direction or painting. The latter being its most recognized facet. Within his colorful universe he has collaborated with renowned brands and has exhibited throughout the world. This year he has launched his most personal project: His first book entitled “Faceless” edited by Lunwerg.

This week we chat with one of the most influential and charismatic artists of our country. And we confess that we are very excited and also a little nervous.

Botó de Cotó: We started with “Faceless”. How would you define your most emblematic work?

Coco Dávez: I would define it as a successful mistake that is made up of a collection of portraits that form a tribute to my referents in a colorful pop-air style within the new illustrated realism.

Font: @cocodavez

BDC: It’s curious how we can identify certain characters through a hairstyle or glasses, it almost works like a game. How do you work this relationship between your work and the observer?

Coco Dávez: It really emerged as a game, a bit like who’s who. I have a lot of fun simplifying a character to the fullest without losing his essence and talking about his character through color so that the viewer recognizes him instantly. It’s very nice to hear people playing at the exhibitions.

Font: @cocodavez

BDC: We would like to know more about your creative process. What are you inspired by? Any reference that has marked you?

Coco Dávez: I think everything can be a source of inspiration, from cinema, literature, fashion, music to a walk in the street or a conversation. Referents … many. All those who have marked me have a faceless, although they always appear new so the collection has no end.

Font: @cocodavez

BDC: We have to say that when we see profiles like yours we can only say Viva Instagram! What have social networks meant for you and your work?

Coco Dávez: Virtually everything. The first time I was able to make my work known through Fotolog, my first important hiring and collaboration was through Facebook, and what to say about Instagram … it’s like a custom app, where you work around the visual. It is a gallery open 24/7 in all parts of the world, it is wonderful. It is a source of inspiration, there is a lot of potential in there and it is also a tool. He has given me and continues to give me many joys.

BDC: What do you think is the best of brand collaboration?

Coco Dávez: The fact of working in a team is always very enriching and interesting, it puts you through other eyes and other ways of creating a symbiosis with your own. Sometimes they give me the opportunity to have total freedom and take care of the whole process of zero, which means that they put all their trust in me and that is something that I appreciate and appreciate. In addition brands can take you to new media, projects that by myself would be much more complicated and always give visibility with which we all win.

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BDC: What is success for you in the art world?

Coco Dávez: Being able to live with what you enjoy most and what you don’t get tired of. It is lucky.

BDC: Where do you see Coco Dávez in a few years?

Coco Dávez: I see myself working in new fields such as immersive art, set design or ephemeral architecture. That would be a dream.

Font: www.cocodavez.com

About Coco Dávez:

Web: www.cocodavez.com

Instagram: @cocodavez


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