Edgar Plans. Free art

Edgar Plans. Free art

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Edgar Plans. Free art

“A Canvas is never white in the eyes of an artist, it’s the mirror of their ideas.”

Edgar Plans (Madrid 1977)

Edgar plans

Instagram: @edgarplans

His work is influenced by the colorful poster, graffiti, and the casual note. The result is a powerful painting of intense color. We talked today about inspiration, art and creativity with the painter Edgar Plans

Ó: Why did you choose to paint?

Edgar: More than choosing it, the painting has chosen me.  Someone takes a small pencil and expresses freely. Over time many abandon this practice. Those of us who still using the pencil need to express ourselves in this way. After you want to expand borders, choose other materials and supports … pencil and wax, you go to watercolor, tempera or oil. Some leave it at this stage – more or less the stage of adolescence – but those of us who have gone up a step further, we need it like an addiction. A kind of healthy drug that you need to live. The art and creativity are part of your everyday. Today I am lucky to live of art and for art. We are very few – unfortunately – we can say that we dedicate 100% of the day to create. To work in a free, personal and emotional way. As a young man I never considered living from art. But the constant need to have more time to create forced me to leave jobs and dedicate myself full time to satisfy my addiction. My family and my wife have always supported me and know that the path I have chosen is very difficult. Outsiders think that this is a hobby, that it is not work. These people do not understand that I do not stop working. The creative mind never rests and the need to paint and express is never satiated.

Ó: In Botó de Cotó we worked the canvas by folding it and stitching it to create models at a scale of 1: 1. It’s almost an origami job. Normally we do not draw. We work from physical prototypes that we transform until we reach what we intuitively think works the best. Something similar to Frank Gehry’s creative process. As it happens, “loneta” and “lienzo” in English are the same Word: Canvas. How do you face your blank canvas?

E: A blank canvas imposes a lot of respect. I do not usually make sketches before a work on canvas. I am an artist who gives great importance to drawing, sketches and ideas. I write them all in my notebooks. I’m drawing a lot of the day. Of all the drawings always comes something that you want to go to canvas. Small details, combined with different ideas … which I then translate into the work. As you do the work elements are added or deleted. A Canvas is never white in the eyes of an artist, it’s the mirror of their ideas.

Edgar plans pintor

Instagram: @edgarplans

Ó: We are inspired by Mediterranean and art to make our designs. Where does the inspiration of Edgar Plans come from?

E: I have always liked the spontaneity, sincerity, vitality and energy of children’s drawings. As the years pass, that innocence and sincerity get lost. It is very difficult to stay out of the world when you are older and try to create. There are many things that contaminate your mind when thinking. I try to maintain that vitality and energy in each work. Being a child who plays with colors

Ó: For us, the artist’s clothing is practically iconic. We loved your blog post about how you dress to paint, and how those clothes look after. It could almost be hanging in an art gallery! Do those traces of paint on your clothes have any meaning for you?

E: The clothing in the workshop should be comfortable. Since working large pieces do not stop moving and are many hours standing. The clothes pick up small pieces or details of each painting. In my sleeves I usually clean the brushes or hands while I work so as not to lose my rhythm. With the passage of time the clothes are taking volume, even does not get to fold the sleeve. When I decide to withdraw it, it hurts me, it is many hours and I usually give it to a friend. The last one, for example, I sent it to my friend Josep Font, a great fashion designer.

Edgar Plans Pintor

Instagram: @edgarplans

Ó: You use techniques very close to the poster or graffiti creating a unique atmosphere. That makes the imagination fly and accommodates many interpretations but what do you want to convey with your work?

E: Since I was little I have not stopped painting on the walls. At the nursery in Madrid they let me paint on the walls. They repainted each quarter. When I was seven years old we moved to Gijón, Asturias. Here nobody could not longer paint on class walls. So I started with the patio walls. They always called me street art. Free art, protest, without limits or limited spaces. That’s why my works have those backgrounds simulating the walls of a street. Full of drawings, texts and symbols.

Ó: Tell us about the world of Edgar Plans and its characters?

E: I am currently identified with my characters. Over time they have been created in my identity and my particular figuration. I call them the Animal Heroes. They are a kind of superheroes created by Mother Nature to fight against the human actions that destroy our planet. At the same time, they are beings who want to give back the powers of solidarity, generosity, companionship, unity, pacifism, sacrifice … to the people of this society that is increasingly hermetic and distant from the rest. We are less concerned about the problems of others. All this generalizing clear, luckily, there are people who are the opposite.

Obra de Edgar Plans

Instagram: @edgarplans

Ó: In the curatorial text of your Mobile Ideas exhibition, Ángel Antonio Rodríguez says: “it is inspired by those round trips of the artists when they initiate, constitute, reinforce, repair or maintain their creative world, with the mind as baggage and memories, friendships, ways and experiences as traveling companions “This makes us reflect on our own experience around the creative process and the similarities of the artistic profession How do you face your eternal journey back and forth?

E: The artist does not live in a bubble. The artist always travels with his workshop, his mind. That is why it is also said that a creative mind never rests. In my work I like to tell things about my past in the form of words, dates or icons painted in the painting. Life gives us good and bad experiences. The artist is a person usually more sensitive to them and that is why they are usually reflected in their works.

Edgar plans obra

Instagram: @edgarplans

Ó: We design our Nomad backpack thinking about those eternal travelers. Some trips that can be real or fictitious or even a mixture of both. What does it mean for you to be a Nomad?

E: Knowing that the world is your home and taking the backpack to travel. The good thing about creating is that you can make your personal world come true. In this world you have to be a nomad and be all day looking for any detail in your way can be a turning point.

Edgar Plans y Botó de Cotó

Instagram: @edgarplans

Estuche enrollable de Botó de Cotó

Instagram: @edgarplans

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