Fede Pouso: For me art is not the goal, it is a path of experimentation and research

Fede Pouso: For me art is not the goal, it is a path of experimentation and research

Fede Pouso: For me art is not the goal, it is a path of experimentation and research 720 1080 Boto de Coto

Fede Pouso: For me art is not the goal, it is a path of experimentation and research


 “I decided to pursue an artistic career, I know it since I was a child, I dreamed it and now I live it.”


Fede Pouso en su taller

Who is Fede Pouso?

Fede Pouso: I am a human being, a sensitive person who likes to live surrounded by creativity and beauty. I love art, I can’t conceive of any other life than that. I am very free and a fighter, always do everything I dreamed and that is my engine to move forward in everything I do. I think the limitations sometimes come from our own head and when you’re aware of that, then nothing can stop you. That’s why I decided to pursue an artistic career, I know it since childhood, I dreamed it and now I live it.

BDC: Stylist, art director, figurine and theater costumer, plastic artist … How do you manage to diversify your work in so many different fields in a hyper specialized world?

Fede Pouso: I think all the disciplines I work in are all connected, that’s what I understand by art. For me, art is not a goal, it is not a single thing, nor is it a point to reach. I consider it as a road that is traveled, a path of experimentation and search. I consider that where the human being goes is to autonomy, to people experiencing being self-taught, separating themselves from those “old” mandates and classical teachings. They are moments of revolution in all aspects of life, including in the work environment. I think the future is personal self discovery. That is what my work represents the sum of many artistic disciplines, in which I discover myself, experiment and mold them towards my style. I am lucky that this is my job.

BDC: What prompted you to work in the fashion world?

Fede Pouso: I started working in the fashion world as a young woman, I remember that I was still studying fashion design at the Public University of Uruguay and I started working for a couture designer as an assistant. There in this atelier, I really saw that it was working in fashion, that was my first contact with clients, with fabrics, with machines, it was for me an experience that I will never forget. I think that experience made me reaffirm where I wanted to be and where I wanted to go.

BDC: How would you define your work as an art director and stylist?

Fede Pouso: My work as a stylist is very free, very authentic and personal. I always follow my instinct, always. I don’t believe in trends, I think trends apply to a commercial area that has more to do with sales than with the spirit of aesthetic individuality. I feel that when you do art direction in fashion campaigns for brands and clients or when you work on the creation of a costume for a movie it is necessary to get away from everything that already exists in order to create something special and unique. That is my work methodology, first I consult my “instinct” of creation and then I see what is in the world to create something different.

BDC: How do you see the future of fashion?

Fede Pouso: Fashion certainly goes towards a much more individual and conscientious place. We should rethink the production and consumption models, although that phrase sounds very repeated, that moment will really be the new starting point for the future of fashion. I think we are in an excess, and that excess does not allow the message of individuality to arrive in terms of aesthetics. We are in a moment of uniformity in terms of fashion and I believe that the future holds a message of freedom, where clothes express our political thinking, gender, decisions and lifestyle and not what an international company or magazines say it is What you should use, I feel that as something very old.

BDC: Do you think the future of fashion can go through tradition or handmade?

Fede Pouso: Yes, of course, I think that is the starting point and the key to the future we need.

BDC: What do you think of slow fashion?

Fede Pouso: Slow fashion seems very necessary and interesting, either at the level of supply for a consumer and as a method of production. He celebrated the bravery of fashion brands that use it as a manifesto and working method. Nowadays, embarking on a slow or conscious brand is a lot, if not a thousand times more difficult to make it work, so for me it has double merit.

BDC: Less is more? or Less is bored?

Fede Pouso: Less is more, always.

BDC: Can creativity be the link in your work?

Fede Pouso: Creativity in me not only acts as a link but it is the fuel of everything I undertake. I think that as an artist I have the need to explore new disciplines and new techniques all the time, where I can apply that creative energy. I think that without that I could not work in art.

BDC: What do you like most about working in the theater world?

Fede Pouso: The theater entered my life as a balm of beauty and connection with the creative spirit. Working in theater was where I could see how to integrate everything I had learned throughout my life, from the costumes, scenery to characterization of characters, all that managed to integrate it into a stage. In the theater it has the magic of playfulness and seeing the reactions of people immediately, I think that was what I fell in love with, I live it as something real and necessary. Working with actors is a fantastic thing because it adds to your work, you give life to those characters and the actors manage to dignify your work.

BDC: What differences do you see between fashion and costume design?

Fede Pouso: The difference between fashion and costume design I think has to do with the creation context. When I am creating a costume design for a movie or the theater, the creation premises are different from the fashion ones. In costumes we sometimes work with that character’s realism, we search, develop and create their context, that is, who is that person? Why did you see like this? What is your life ?. We have to answer those questions for a viewer who knows absolutely nothing about what he is seeing, I think there is the current costumes as “storytelling.”

BDC: How do you face the challenge of representing a specific atmosphere when performing a set design for a play?

Fede Pouso: I think that challenge is easier when you work in a team of creators. When I set out to create a set design I work with all the areas and people involved in the project. With the actors I work the needs of the stage, with the director I work to create the context that the actors and the story need, then with the enlightened ones I work with the needs of how to make that scenery look better and more powerful. I think they are all fundamental areas for a simple or super-elaborate set to come alive.

BDC: Is your plastic work a complement to the rest of your work? Or else, is it a freer field of experimentation?

Fede Pouso: The plastic work enters my life as a drive for something true. I am very demanding in my work and the painting came to “relax” that part of me. I paint why it makes me happy, it connects me with something very personal of mine, with my memories, with my childhood in which I saw my mother paint. That is why it is something that I enjoy, I do not judge or demand myself, I simply let myself be carried away by what it is and by what I feel. It is something that complements and enhances my work.

BDC: How do you get everything? What would you say is your creation process?

Fede Pouso: I go through different creation processes and the times are sometimes marked by the projects I have. I am not a person with a lot of discipline from day to day, but I do try every day to work a little on my projects. For example, for clothes I study a lot of art, I research, I watch movies and I document about something that interests me and I automatically apply it in the project that I have at the moment in my hands. I like working in a team so I am always looking for something to do or creating something with someone or talking about creating. For painting it is different, because it has more to do with what happens when creativity invades you and take advantage of that moment. I always leave a blank sheet or materials at hand to sketch and paint something that comes to mind. When creativity appears I go a little crazy and usually I leave everything I am doing and I just paint. In my last collection “The Idea of ​​the Nude” I spent two months painting without stopping. I love those moments. After going through that streak of creativity I dedicate myself to framing or putting on exposure and I don’t paint anymore until I activate again. It is as if you need to rest, stop to continue developing more work.

BDC: What projects are you working on right now? and that you can tell us of course!

Fede Pouso: Right now I am setting up a new exhibition of acrylics called “RECORTES” that will be exhibited in the fantastic IKB191 store (www.ikb191.es) which is a space / gallery where art merges with the history of furniture design, Located in the Rastro de Madrid, it is an amazing place where I loved and dreamed of being there from the first day I arrived in Spain. The expo will be available until November. On the other hand I am recording a movie and after that I get fully into the studio again to paint the following.

BDC: Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Where do you think Fede Pouso will be?

Fede Pouso: I feel and I think I will be all over the world. My maximum projection is that my art reaches many galleries and spaces where I can sell and show my work. Having the possibility of living between Madrid and the world would be something that I want to happen to me in 10 years.

About Fede

Pouso Fede Pouso was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, in 1988.

Graduated in 2010 as a clothing and textile art designer at the University of Labor of Uruguay (UTU) in Montevideo, he began his professional career at an early age as an assistant and right hand of one of the most important couture designers in his country native.

At 23 he began working as a stylist in numerous fashion publishers for the most important magazines in his country.

As art director and producer he works creating campaigns and visual content for designers and fashion brands, managing to be part of the direction and art team of the Fashion Week of Uruguay.

Since 2015, he lives in Madrid, Spain, the land of his immigrant parents where he ventures into the performing arts as a figurine and costume designer in the play “El Descanso de Caronte”, by the company Actos Íntimos, by Santi Senso, taking his work to different stages in national and international festivals such as the Festival of Classical Theater of Cáceres, the International Festival of Medellin, Colombia and the prestigious Fernán Gomez Theater in Madrid.

His foray into the world of plastic arts arises from the hand of his mother whom he sees painting since childhood. He thus becomes a self-taught plastic artist in Madrid, always exploring new paths that force him to leave his comfort zone, in his work, he uses fashion, painting and color as a means to convey his way of seeing the world, looking to communicate what hurts and generates love.

Currently, he not only works as a stylist for the publishing and artistic world in Spain but also begins in an intense career in Spanish audiovisuals, working as a director and head of costumes for numerous films, and advertising alongside important directors and creators of the medium.

Fede Pouso considers himself a fan of people who go against the tide and dedicates his time and life to show that we are not pre-programmed, that we are not a simple chess piece and that love, our love, is the only cure.

More about Fede Pouso:

Web: www.fedepouso.com

Instagram: @fedepousoart &​ @fedepouso