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Our values and philosophy

You don’t need a new backpack every week!

Our collections are annually designed and are released every year during the month of September.

Our production “100% made in Spain”

By having such a long period between collections, we have designed a sustainable production, producing all the items we need throughout the year.

Our backpacks and bags are made in Spain, respecting the integrity of its artisans and the environment.

Slow fashion, slow shopping

No hurry, take your time. In Botó de Cotó we design timeless products, durable and far from trends. This added to our local production guarantees that our products will be available 365 days after its launch.

Durable, unisex and timeless piece

We design products adaptable to all styles thanks to its minimalist design focused on details and high quality finishes. Also our fabrics are produced with techniques that allow the good aging of the garment so that you can use it for many years.