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Nómada, the new collection for eternal travelers

Nómada, the new collection for eternal travelers

Nómada, the new collection for eternal travelers 1080 663 Boto de Coto

Nómada, for eternal travelers


Nomad: “Person who travels around from place to place without having one settled place where to live”

Autumn is already here, and we love this season to present Nómada, our new collection of backpacks, bags, and accessories of raw canvas that reminds us of the Latin sails of the Mediterranean.

We love the sea in autumn! It is wild and unpredictable. It has a beauty that moves and catches you. It makes you remember the passages of the Odissea or the verses of the trip to Ithaca. How much we like endless trips! Or rather: Endless travelers! Nómada is for all those who, as Cavafy said, “ask the road to be long, full of adventures, full of experiences”

For us,  Nómada reminds us when we were little,  our first adventures, our days around the bonfire, when we made shadow figures with the lantern inside the tent and we conquered small paradises that, even being next to our house, they seemed so far away BOTÓ DE COTÓ is our trip, and we hope it will be long. We want to enjoy it and share it with you. We all have a Nomad inside! What are you waiting to get it out?.






 We are eternal travelers,

contemporary nomads.

More than being on a space,

we walk on it.

We live on a path

with the backpack on our back.

Our destination,

is undefined.

Our house is the route,by Botó de Cotó

the journey,

and the world to discover.

Botó de Cotó