Green & black roll-up case



Multi-use roll-up case in black. It’s adaptable in its height and it’s ideal for small tools such as drawing utensils, makeup, sewing, shaving, etc. It’s the ideal complement for any contemporary nomad.

The case’s body and liners are made of cotton canvas and it has a vegan leather strap closure.

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About our fabric

Our products are made in Spain with 100% local suppliers.

Due to the nature of the cotton fabric some dyes may fade over time. Espe-
cially on contact with rough surfaces and in corners or areas of frequent friction.

A long exposure to the sun can cause the color to lose intensity in those areas of exposure.

Botó de Cotó fabrics have a water repellent treatment that hinders the ad-
herence of spots and repels liquids.

The exterior canvases also have a waterproofing treatment.

Even so, the backpack should not be submerged in the water.  

Garment care

If you have a fabric backpack you can wash it with warm water, mild soap and a soft brush. Make sure you avoid leather and iron pieces.

In case you need to wash the entire garment, it is recommended to do it by hand and with cold water or less than 30 degrees.

It should be dried in the shade and in horizontal position to avoid deforma-
tions during drying.

The fabrics of Botó de Cotó admit the ironing at low intensity. Avoid the high use of ironing and high temperatures.

Botó de Cotó does not recommend machine washing their products. Or the use of aggressive cleaning products.

It is recommended not to keep the garment hanging in prolonged periods to avoid deformations.

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Dimensions 50 × 30 cm

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