Tamara Ablameiko. The art of finding

Tamara Ablameiko. The art of finding

Tamara Ablameiko. The art of finding 720 1080 Boto de Coto

Tamara Ablameiko. The art of finding.


Today we talk with Tamara Ablameiko, a young artist based in Barcelona. Recently graduated this year in Fine Arts and specialized in sculpture and collage.

“I was inspired by the finding, the meeting is key to my work”

Font: Tamara Ablameiko

Botó De Cotó: How did you get into the world of collage?

Tamara Ablameiko: For me it has always been an evasion tool since I was a child. The act of cutting and pasting is very relaxing and always offers very varied results. The fact of finding pieces of newspapers that seem special to me for something, concrete plants of some forest and other waste makes me interact with recycling in a different way.

Font: Tamara Ablameiko

BDC: What are your biggest references to be inspired by them? Any favorite professional?

TA: I am very interested in the work of Hanna Hoch, Richard Hamilton and Juan Gris, and I think that her pieces are very capable to apply to textiles and function as a garment directly related to a mass culture.

Font: Tamara Ablameiko

Font: Tamara Ablameiko

BDC: What is your creative and inspirational process?

TA: I was inspired by the finding, the meeting as I mentioned above is key to my work, this is what marks what will follow. I focus on collecting objects, plants, wood … and work with it. I follow several lines of work at once. I can spend a few months dedicated to large and small format collage, creating sculptural installations for some calls, etc.

Font: Tamara Ablameiko

BDC: Is mixing art more art?

TA: As much as you mix, in art you realize that you will end up heading to the same starting point, everything is related.

Fuente: Tamara Ablameiko

BDC: Art, crafts, handmade product … what do you think about it?

TA: The fact of taking into account local and sustainable production and the craftsmanship of the small artisan is very positive, since unfortunately it is not usually the first when taken into account when shopping. The “handmade” must be valued, whether in the textile industry or in the art world.

Tamara Ablameiko Foto: Verònica Mestra

About Tamara Ablameiko

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