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Why do we keep all our scraps?

Why do we keep all our scraps?

Why do we keep all our scraps? 1080 663 Boto de Coto

Why do we keep all our scraps?

It is a question that usually people ask us when they visit our workshop. And the truth is that we don’t know, but we can’t throw them away.! We are sure one day we will do something with them!

The real reason is that we love seeing them. This way we remember all the hours that we have spent in the workshop cutting and sewing each piece one by one, a bag, a wallet or a backpack. They are like the memory of each one of them. But there is another reason besides the emotional one. When we founded our company we committed to minimizing all our waste including those derived from production, distribution, and administration.

There were other times where the material was a valuable resource. From a piece of silk to the crudest stone of a wall. Therefore, due to its high value, each scrap was kept, each piece of wood, each unused stone. Nowadays, due to the mechanization and the increase in the cost of labor, this philosophy of work has been lost. And it tends to discard everything that hinders the processes of mass production.



In BOTÓ DE COTÓ we have proposed to keep every piece of cloth, however small, and try to reuse it. Even being a small gesture, it helps us to become aware of the importance of reducing the waste we produce and thus try to erase our ecological footprint.